Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goal Recap

I also wanted to recap how I've been doing at filling the 'holes' in my closet as I described in a previous post. Here is what I was looking for:

I definitely want to keep my eye out for: nice shirts for work, comfy comfy shoes (sandals, high heels, flats, maybe some more awesome boots), tights (hopefully will be covered as per my previous post, but always good to look for!), belts (non-elastic! professional-looking), maybe some non-black blazers, and grown-up jewelry (least emphasized).


Nice shirts for work: Have definitely bulked up that area. I am still keeping an eye out, because, hey, shopping for shirts is easy and fun, but this is no longer a desperate need anymore. The ones I want to keep an eye out for are more casual--nice, but not formal. Definitely no collared shirts, because I do have a few of those and am guessing I won't be wearing them as much, given the laid-back atmosphere of the school.

Comfy shoes: No sandals yet, but I don't think we're really going to get a summer this year (you might think I'm joking, It's been raining or cloudy almost every day so far, and I honestly doubt it'll get nice for any long period of time for the remainder of the summer).
I do have several pairs of high heels, of varying comfortableness, but I'm thinking that flats are really going to be the way to go for school (sob).
I bought one pair of comfy flats (still breaking them in as they are still a bit stiff across the top, but they are SO CUSHY!) and will be on the lookout for one more in a neutral as my 'unknown brand from France' shoes are starting to fall apart (starts bawling) (although I suppose after heavy wear for three years they've definitely had their money's worth).
As for another pair of boots--I still would love a cognac-colored pair of flat boots and might try to snag a pair in the back-to-school sales, but Mr. P might just guilt me out of it with all the money I've been spending (let's face it, a nice pair of boots is probably going to run upwards of 80-100$, even on sale, and I doubt Mr. P will swallow that now).

Tights: CHECK. I have scored big time from Plato's Closet and have nicely rounded out my tights wardrobe. I obviously will still be keeping an eye out for Hue tights on sale (Nordstrom's Rack sometimes gets them in for insanely cheap prices) but let's consider this one a big DONE.

Belts (non-elastic, professional looking): Somewhat check. I have the cognac-colored one from Target that I am in love with (I think it is the only belt I have bought full-price and it was SO WORTH IT), and I bought a skinny brown leather one with antiqued-gold studs (it is pretty cool) from the Goodwill, but I would like to have a dark brown thicker belt to go at the natural waist. I will be on the watch for that, but overall I feel that this category is pretty well done.

Non-black blazer: Haha, yup. Just did it. Done.

Grown-up Jewelry: Hardly touched this one. I have so much jewelry that I usually don't even look at the jewelry section of any store I go to, but almost all of my jewelry is practically the same (pendent on a silver chain, of varying lengths). I did buy a pretty cuff bracelet at Plato's, but that's the only bit of jewelry I've bought. I would love to get a statement necklace in a neutral, something a bit more than a thin chain or a thin string of beads. Also, I would love a statement cocktail ring (something cute, not tacky or obviously cheap).

Sum up: The only things I really should be looking for now are more casual (but still nice) shirts, a neutral-colored pair of comfy flats, perhaps a pair of flat cognac-colored boots, a dark brown belt that rests at the waist, a statement necklace and perhaps a cocktail ring.

To add on to my original list, I still want to keep on the lookout for cardigans. I have a variety of sweaters, blazers and coats, but given my propensity to always be cold and almost always be wearing a sweater of some form or another, I think this would be a good place to bulk up.

Plus, of course, I will be making those three skirts.

So really, I've done fairly well for myself. I am almost all done with my school shopping list, and I'll be taking a little break to re-coup and let Mr. P get back to a sense of normality with my shopping. Plus, there are always bills to pay!

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