Sunday, May 30, 2010

Work work work

Work has pretty much taken over my life at this point...HOWEVER, with the dress code, I have been cultivating my 'professional-cute-yet-hip-and-appropriate-for-high-end-retail' LOOK! Here is what I am wearing today.

Shirt: Loft via Plato's Closet
Cami: F21
Sweater (omg I love this sweater): Limited via Goodwill (and in new condition, too! Just got this one last week)
Pants: Unknown, have had them since HS
Shoes: Champion via someone was throwing them out at the end of this last school year, and they are in awesome condition!

Hopefully I will be more on it with updating--my schedule is still super wonky, but I am getting into the swing of things. Work is fun, but very hectic!

Now, let's look at my goals:
Vitamins: check! yay.
Exercise: haven't been running in ages, but have done some random hiking, rock-climbing, and at work I am literally running around or speed walking for almost all of my 8hr shifts. I would say I am doing ok.

My shopping has been great so far, haven't spent too much money (although I am *this close* to placing another order at's so hard when it's only 20$ for an amazing haul of goodness! I don't want to lie, I'll probably place my order later tonight. I don't really need any of it--but do I really need most of the stuff I buy?--but it would make me exceedingly happy. Plus, I'm finally ordering some every day wearable colors! Taupe eyeshadows! Neutral lipstain! Oh, plus some eyeshadows that are orange, chartreuse and...oh yes...more orange. BUT mostly everyday wearable! :] ) I am mostly waiting for my first payday, in 5 days (countdown? I plan to buy a few bras (which I really do need to do soon), and to keep trawling the thrift shops for my list of teacher clothing.

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