Thursday, May 13, 2010

The grass just might be greener...

Hi everyone! *crickets chirp* Sorry I've been away--I just moved across the state to Big City, am getting settled and am ironing out my summer job (by ironing out, I really mean finding it from scratch completely). It's interesting seeing all the different opportunities out there--I have two prospectives that would both be fun, but we'll see if either of them want to hire me. :) But anyways, with all that hullabaloo, posts have been few and far in between (and outfit pics will be sparser). Good news--the weather is beautiful here in Big City, much better than the dreary winter weather we were getting over in College Town. That means skirts, short sleeved shirts, and--dare I say it--bare legs!

My fashion rehab is almost over (only one more day!) and I am very excited. I still won't be able to spend much money, due to many large recent expenses that Mr. P and I are still recovering from, but I have my eye on a few things. The most exciting is--HUE TIGHTS FOR SUPER CHEAP! And by super cheap, I mean 6$ as compared to 12$. Plummy is very excited. That is Saturday's mission and hopefully they will not be all sold out. (And in fun colors, too!)

One of my upcoming projects (one of many) is to take inventory of all the pieces of clothing that I have. In packing and unpacking, I discovered that 1. I have way too many summer dresses and items of summer clothing. I am not allowed to buy any more. 2. Most of my skirts and dresses are too short for work, even some that I thought were work-appropriate. 3. I really don't own very many nice shirts at all!

However, I have recent renewed faith in second-hand shopping, and will be trawling the many, many thrift shops in Big City to look for work-appropriate, high-quality items. If my spirit is suitably crushed by the time August rolls around, I'll go shopping full-price...but shopping second-hand is so much fun! All those treasures, waiting to be discovered.

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